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    Waking up with an aching body on a Monday morning is a pretty bad situation no one wants…the result of a rookie weekend! But what can I do other than to move on😀 To begin this week on a positive note, I found this amazing quote; The only way to do great work is to […]

  • small beginning BIG ENDING

    The saying that“The end of a thing is better than the beginning thereof” is kind of a popular saying that everyone knows… It’s part of the Word of God, Starting off bad does not guarantee a bad end.Starting small does not mean you would continue or finish smallStarting weak is not finishing weak. Most of […]

  • It’s left to you

    It is left to you.Mistakes happens.Inevitable ones to be precise.The mistakes don’t make us but our reaction to them doesMonths ago, I was opportuned with a fellow designer about the designers’ reaction to their mistakes they get to see after the project is done. The first thing she pointed out was that it is left […]

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Hadassah is a Microbiologist (in making), a Fashion Designer, a Reader and a Writer.

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