As a fashion designer, if there’s one habit I have cultivated over time is LEARNING, RELEARNING and UNLEARNING.
These 3 are one.
Yes one habit because they are interwoven.

This is my decision and it’s never going to change!
It’s the fact about life.
New styles and designs are released everyday, existing styles are tweaked to design something new!
Zero learning = Zero growth
In life, keep learning and growth is assured
Learning is investing, when you invest in the right gig, growth is your profit!

When I come across people who knows how to do even what I know, I’m always ready to listen and learn.
There’s always something new to learn about something.
I could remember checking out a friend cloth and I got so attracted to the slit that I had to ask her about how she went about the slit!
When you see people do what you do better, ASK QUESTION AND LEARN!

I have cleared some sewing methods off my hand for now… But not totally 😀 (Especially for yolk placement).
Don’t be afraid to let go of those things or knowledge that aren’t correct or that reduces your productivity.
I do say this “I will never stick to this is how I was taught”
What about “I learnt a new way to go about it”?

Let me drop my pen here.
© Dee’ Signature pen
The salient fashion designer.

2 responses to “THE DYNAMIC SKILL”

  1. Wow
    This is inspiring🤭
    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is beautiful! ❤

    Having no room for dogmas is a very good way to know. I wrote a poem titled: “how to know”, you should check it out. It carries the same wavelength of thought as this post.

    Thank you very much for sharing Hadassah


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